Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ip select use players big success in the All-Star !!

Mazda All-Star game of the year is out home run a lot,
there is also a success of the debut player, was a fun two days !!

Most was the impressive is the scene where Takumi Kuriyama players (Seibu Lions Saitama) could have put an exciting home run in the first appearance,
the first at-bat of the professional 15 years !!!

I was impressed !!

※ quoted from JIJI PRESS

Although interest is the All-Star was full, 
now the hottest manufacturers, 
are using the glove of Ip select Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh players (Yokohama DeNA BayStars) 
and Keiji Obiki players (Tokyo Yakult Swallows) is also a big success !!

※ quoted from current affairs.com

July 16, from senior Wakui pitcher of Yokohama High School, 
Tsutsugo players who hit a pre-emptive arch that becomes the second consecutive.

※ quoted from Sankei Sports

July 15, Nice catch a batted ball of Seibu-Akiyama players for the first time !!

※ quoted from Tokyo Yakult Swallows official site

July 16, Obiki players who hit a timely to become a temporary go-ahead to 7 times.

※ quoted from IP select Facebook

Obiki model which players were used in the All-Star !!

Even more than the batting, let's hope a good defense in the Ip select glove !!
Since the Central League is a situation 
that crowded in 5 games behind up to 2 to 6-positions, 
or become any team is to climax series advance, 
let's expect a fierce battle to the end !!

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